Charter Bus Harahan LA

Charter Bus Harahan LACharter Bus Harahan, LA

Traveling to Harahan, LA for the holidays or for the summer is one thing, visiting the city in a group is another. How do you lead a group of people minus the stress and anxiety of commuting? One simple answer is using Charter Bus Harahan LA.

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Why choose charter bus Harahan?

If you are looking for a stress-free, easy way to travel anywhere in LA then you got to consider charter bus rentals from the city. You won’t have to deal with commuting, paying for high transportation fees and even losing members of your group.

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With Harahan bus rentals you will travel in style. You and your group will feel relaxed and ready to start your day as you ride in the most comfortable and fully-loaded shuttle buses in the city. We also have limousines in Harahan.

Get to enjoy comfortable seats and roomy seating, flat screen televisions and other luxury amenities all in your own private bus service.

What Charter Bus Rentals Can I Choose From?

There is a fleet of buses to choose from! You can rent a 20 passenger minibus, a 30 passenger shuttle bus, a 40 passenger charter bus or a 50 passenger charter bus. Our fleet also includes party buses in Harahan.

It’s best to call in your charter bus rental beforehand so you can make a smart and easy decision on which vehicle to hire.

What Tourist Attractions are in Harahan?

Here are the top tourist attractions that you can expect in the city. If you are new to the area, you may ask your charter bus rental driver to take you to these great destinations and more. So bring out your list and include the following:

  • The Mill Shop – enjoy a wonderful night out with your friends and family at The Mill Shop. Expect great company as well as good food when you visit the most popular Harahan bar.
  • The Shooter’s Club – there is no other shooters’ club that has professional amenities than The Shooters’ Club. Take your friends over for some target practice and even to learn from the pros. Don’t forget to add this club to your list when you visit during the holidays.
  • Daiquiri Shop – you will absolutely love the Daiquiri shop. All you have been looking for are here at the Daiquiri and of course all the best things that Harahan can offer.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Charter Bus?

Rates may vary from the type of vehicle you wish to hire. Generally large charter buses cost more than minibuses with small seating capacities but it’s best to call to be sure. Finally, the number of hours or days you wish to rent a bus and the places that you wish to visit may also affect bus rental rates.

Service Areas in LA

You will absolutely love to visit Harahan with your own private rental bus but you can also check out nearby cities such as Gretna, Harvey, Jefferson, Kenner, Laplace, Mandeville, Marrero, Metairie, New Orleans or River Ridge.

Transportation can also be booked through Charter Bus Kenner or Charter Bus Laplace.